Superfood : Russian Kale in India.


Kale, also known as Brassica Oleracea, is Brocolli’s Big Brother. Cabbages, Brocolli, Mustard; all belong to the brassica family. 🍀

Crunchy, Nutty, and Rich, it has a strong flavor. It has everything to satisfy Indian taste buds and more.

It loves cold weather and can bear up to -15 Celsius.🆒

Kale has an eminent presence in European superfood markets.

The reason is Nutrition.

  •             Vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K 👍
  •             Manganese Iron Calcium 👍
  •             Copper Potassium Phosphorus 👍
  •             Antioxidants 👍
  •                                                                                 Folate 👍                                                                            

All these are packed enough in Kale to beat any other leafy green in competition. Researches prove many other benefits like :

  •             Immunity Booster
  •             Improved Brain health
  •             Anti Inflammatory
  •             Reduces pain
  •             Reduces Swelling
  •             Rich source of Antioxidants. (Cancer Prevention)
  •             Improved Skin health as well.

In India, it is confined to metro cities. A fully grown kale-green can cost up to Rs. 3000 per kg.💲💵💲

Hotter Indian Climate is one of the reasons why 85% of it, is imported. That too, at an exorbitant 18 % GST and 75 % customs tax, which nearly doubles the landing price.💰💰💰

Indians are compelled to pay twice when compared to European counterparts.

Don’t Worry!

If you want to relish Kale and its nutrition in your diet, or if you want to grow your own kale, we have two options for you.

Option 1: Contact Startups

This has become a problem statement for many Indian Agritech Startups. I work for one of them.😎😇

Agritech Startups have a lot to offer like :

            Good Quality Seeds with a high germination rate in India. (

            Hydroponic Startups (Triton) (Beyond Organic )(Pindfresh)

            Gramophone ( Social and Market App)

To know more about  Agritech Startups, stay tuned to the blog. This option can cover only Metro cities ( a few of them only).

Option 2: Do it Yourself (Next Article)

  • Where to find exotic quality seeds?
  • Necessary equipment?
  • Time Chart?
  • Nutrients?
  • Method?

Get Quality Microgreen seeds from 

All your questions are answered in the next article.

Keep reading the next article to learn how to grow it yourself, and enjoy fresh exotic microgreens daily.


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